Applications Open for 2021 ISEPEI Winter Workshops!

October 13, 2020


This year, for the first time, ISEPEI project is organizing two winter trainings, co-funded by the Open Society University Network (OSUN). These events are part of the Bridging ICTs and Environment workshop series and would focus on:

ISEPEI 2020 Webinar series ended

July 6, 2020

This summer is different in many ways. Our traditional week-long workshops as well as newly introduced short intensive weekend trainings, taking place in June/July in Budapest, had to be postponed to October 2020.

Free webinars by ISEPEI speakers on June 22-28, 2020

June 1, 2020

ISEPEI Project offers a one-week long introductory online webinar series, entitled „Bridging ICTs and the Environment” between 22-28 June, 2020. The webinars will give a taste of the topics which will be discussed further in more details during the in-residence courses/workshops in October 2020. Attending the webinars is free for anyone who is interested and registered in advance.

ISEPEI workshops postponed to October 2020

April 1, 2020

The core ISEPEI courses (“Geospatial Technologies for Monitoring Water- and Health-related SDGs” and the "Innovations in Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction") and the ISEPEI-SUN Weekend Workshops, originally planned to be held between 22 June and 6 July, 2020, are re-scheduled for October, 2020.  Later in the summer we will be in touch with you about the exact dates of the in-residence events and your possible interest in attending them. 

Applications for 2020 ISEPEI Summer Workshops are Open!

January 25, 2020

We are glad to announce that the applications for ISEPEI summer workshops are now open!

The ISEPEI workshops focus on the potential use and application of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) (remote sensing, geospatial technologies, crowdsourcing, distance learning), socio-environmental data visualization, and post-disaster risk finance options. The main goal of the workshops is to train the participants to apply learned knowledge to their professional field.

ISEPEI’s 2019 summer workshops ended

August 16, 2019

The sixth installment of the ISEPEI summer trainings for environmental professionals was successfully carried out this July in Budapest, Hungary.

Live broadcast of Joint CEU-UN Workshop on Geospatial Technologies for SDGs

July 23, 2019

ISEPEI Project and CEU Summer University cordially invite you to follow live broadcast of joint CEU-UN workshop on

ISEPEI Announces Call for Applications for 2019 Summer Workshops

January 29, 2019

ISEPEI has opened the Call for Applications for its upcoming "Bridging ICTs and Environment" workshops in July 2019. The events aim to improve data-driven decision-making by keeping professionals worldwide up-to-date on the latest advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their potential use in a wide variety of public policy applications.

ISEPEI’s 2018 summer workshops ended

July 9, 2018

This summer, for the fifth year in a row, CEU Syslab through its ISEPEI project hosted two environmental professional workshops aimed at improving data-driven decision-making and presenting the latest advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs), and their application in various fields.

"Geospatial Solutions for Sustainable Water Management" workshop opening

July 3, 2018

CEU and UNOOSA continue cooperation through the professional training program within ISEPEI project’s framework. On July 2, the workshop on “Geospatial Technologies for Sustainable Water Management” started, continuing the traditional series of trainings for mid-career professionals in ICTs, geospatial technologies and remote sensing for water security and management.