Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Water Resources Management: North Western Sahara Aquifer System (NWSAS)




Figure 1. Geographic location of the study area (NWSAS)

Figure 2. Increase of the number of drilling points between 1950-2012

Figure 3. Chart of water withdrawal over the NWSAS from 1950-2012, the red line represents the annual recharge

Figure 4. Different types of Agriculture in the region (Imagery Source: Google Earth 29/7/2014)

Figure 5. Expansion of agricultural activities between 2007 and 2014 (Source: Google Earth 31/08/2007 and 29/07/2014)

Figure 6. Landsat cover of the NWSAS region, where brown polygons indicate the region with a significant vegetation cover (priority in processing)