Károly Róbert University College


Károly Róbert University College
Mátrai út 36

Károly Róbert University College celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2012. Time has matured the institution to observe the achievements of recent years, consider envisaged concepts with the fulfilments both retrospectively and prospectively. After a period of fifty flourishing years the institution is ready to enter another prosperous era. Our mission is to coordinate the demands of an evolving environment and the constantly developing abilities of the university college in order to provide stability. We aim to gain recognition both nationally and internationally, just as Károly Róbert (Charles I of Anjou) – whom our institution is named after – enforced his authority in a reformed Hungary. Knowledge, innovation and experience are our strengths, and our main task is to transfer and continually develop these skills. We are committed to sustain and reconsider the results of the last fifty years by taking new challenges into consideration. Károly Róbert University College, as a prominent knowledge centre of the Northern Hungarian EU region, is the only agrarian and research (counselling) higher education institution to serve the achievement of competitive knowledge with a successively broadening training offer. Owing to our practice-orientated training programmes, state-of-the-art infrastructure and high quality services, we are able to provide students with the best grounds needed for their future prospects.

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