Using ICTs to Investigate Agricultural-Induced Eutrophication in Freshwater Reservoirs: A Case Study of the Tsimlyansk Reservoir (Russia)





Figure 1. Electromagnetic spectrum. (Created by author based on Chuvieco and Huete 2010).

Figure 2. Map of the Tsimlyansk Reservoir in Southern Russia. (Map created by author).

Figure 3. Four Landsat tiles selected for land use classification. (USGS 2014)

Figure 4. Land use thematic map, the result of the supervised classification, as viewed in ArcMap. (Map created by author).

Figure 5. Identification of algal bloom within the reservoir. (USGS 2014)

Figure 6. Precipitation vs. algal blooms for 2003. Data source: (NASA 2013a; USGS 2014)